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Cost effective Speed Activated Signs for speed reduction and accident ‘black spots'


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The SAS (Speed Activated Sign) is Solagen’s vehicle activated warning sign.

It uses a compact radar to detect vehicles at a wide range of speeds and incorporates an adjustable activation distance to allow tailoring for each location.

Combining our latest generation of electronics power management software and highly efficient LED’s in a slim design has enabled Solagen to create a range of effective quick to install signs which are suitable for a wide range of locations.

SAS Package

Comes inclusive of solar panel, batteries, electronics and all leads and fixings for mounting on an 89mm post with 168mm wide base.

Main power options are available for SAS signs if required. See power options for more details.

Solagen can offer optional post adaption kit to fit an alternative size post including passively safe JEROL and Lattix posts.

SAS Features

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Ultra slim design
  • Self adjusting LED output
  • Can be set to activate on vehicles travelling between 16mph to 90mph
  • Activation distance can be adjusted up to 100m
  • Concealed anti-vandal fittings
  • Anti-twist bracket and solar panel mounts
  • Tamper proof in-post cabling
  • Adaption kits available to suit various posts
  • Highways Agency Type Approved
  • 5-year parts and labour warranty as standard with 10-year option*

*if installed by Solagen otherwise 5 years parts only.

SAS - Speed Activated Sign

SAS  Options

Solagen offer a wide variety of sign face options as standard, covering all the sign types included within the uk regulations. Sizes available for all sign types: 300, 450, 600, 750. Standard sign types:

Speed Roundel SAS product

Speed Roundel

Warning triangle sas signs

Warning Triangle

Information legend for road signs

Information Legend

Our bespoke team is also on hand to provide solutions for any other sign requirements you may have, allowing you to purchase the standard sign types in various formats. Common examples are enclosed signs or interlaced variations. Please see Innovation Service page for more details.



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