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Power Options

Most Solagen signs can be provided with Solar, mains, or battery power options.
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Solagen focus on suppling customers with quality affordable environmental and sustainable solar powered products options.

The solar panel systems capture the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells. These cells do not even need direct sunlight to work – they can even generate electricity on a cloudy day.

Our solar panels are designed to be quickly installed to 89mm posts as standard. Solagen have also designed a range of solar panel adaptions to allow the solar panels to be fitted to alternative size posts.

Many Solagen products can be provided with solar, mains or battery power options. This enables Solagen to be more flexible to our customer needs and requirements and allows us to supply products even when a solar powered option is not viable.

Why Solar?

Our solar panels can be used virtually anywhere. Since no external electricity supply is required, it can be installed in remote locations.

Improved Safety
Our solar panels do not require connection to an electrical grid, therefore it is safer and easier to install.

Lower Operating Cost
There is minimal maintenance required and no ongoing electricity cost.

Reduced Theft
By locating the Panel directly on the light fixture and placing the battery within the light fixture, the risk of damage, theft or tampering is greatly reduced. Anti-vandal fixings also help prevent this.

Fast Installation
As it requires no expensive trenching, cabling or electrical connection, the installation can be significantly faster and cheaper than for a mains powered sign.

Environmentally Friendly
With signs operating day and night throughout the year, using only energy taken from sunlight, there are no ongoing contributions to carbon emissions, helping to keep your carbon footprint as small as possible.

Solar power


Solagen can offer mains powered options as an alternative to solar. Our products can be powered efficiently by a safe extra low voltage supply which is sustainable and affordable.

Solagen’s Innovations team of engineers are always on hand to develop bespoke projects or road safety solutions for mains power if required.

If a mains powered product is required, please contact Solagen for further information on the extra low voltage power supply requirements.

Solagen Mains powered solutions


As well as providing batteries for use in our solar powered products, Solagen can also provide batteries for use in our mobile products, including the Mobile ‘All in one’ and the Mobile Speed Indication Device. Spare sets of batteries are recommended for use with mobile products where a fast turnaround is required, this allows one set to be in use, while the other is being charged from the mains.

Solagen Batteries

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