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SAS Mobile 'All in One'

SAS Mobile ‘All in one’ battery powered, vehicle activated warning sign
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The SAS – Mobile ‘All in one’ is Solagen’s battery powered, vehicle activated warning sign

It uses a built-in radar to detect vehicles at a wide range of speeds and incorporates an adjustable activation distance to allow tailoring for changes in location. The compact, portable, all-inclusive design of the AIO unit allows customers the freedom to install and relocate their products at any time.

The SAS Mobile ‘All in one’ package

Solagen’s Mobile ‘All in one’ product comes complete with the main unit, installation package and  batteries. As standard, the equipment easily fits to the post using tamtorque clips, which can be replaced to suit any size post required.

SAS Mobile Features

  • Portable, self-contained unit
  • Designed to be battery or solar powered
  • Slim, compact design
  • Quick and easy two-part installation/removal
  • Fits to any size post
  • Can be set to activate on vehicles travelling between 7mph to 90mph
  • Activation distance can be adjusted up to 180m
  • Concealed anti-vandal fittings
  • Anti-twist bracket
  • Tamper proof in-post cabling
  • Adaption kits available to suit various posts
  • Freedom for customers to relocate their products at anytime
  • 12 months parts and warranty

Starter Pack

A Starter Pack, which includes tools required for fitting the unit, charging the batteries from the mains, and setting parameters such as speed threshold, is required when purchasing a ‘All in One’ for the first time.

These kits also include a travel bag for the sign unit (and solar panel bag if relevant) and a manual, which includes installation instructions as well as guidance on battery use. A Solar Starter Pack is recommended when purchasing the ‘Speed Indication Device’ with a Solar Adaption Kit.

Additional ‘All in One’ units can be purchased without the need for extra starter packs.



Additional items are available such as extra installation packages which can be left in situ on posts making relocation between several sites even more straight forward.

Additional battery chargers and spare batteries can also be purchased if required. These can help speed up the process of recharging batteries if the solar option is not used.

SAS Mobile


Solar Adaption Kit

A solar adaption kit may be ordered with any ‘All in One’ sign package or added to an existing unit at a later date.

The addition of a solar panel kit to an ‘All in One’ installation allows the batteries to be continuously charged by the sign – where sunlight is good this eliminates the need to visit site for battery recharging altogether and even where sunlight is poor the period between site visits can still be extended.

The solar panel provided can be quickly removed and installed on both 76 and 89mm posts, allowing for the rotation of the solar panel to various locations, if desired.


SAS ‘Mobile All in one’ Options

SAS Mobile ‘AIO’ sign faces are available in 300mm or 450mm sizes. Standard options include Speed Roundels and Interlaced Speed Roundels with the option of a Slow Down legend on 300mm signs.


SAS300 – Mobile ‘AIO’ XXmph

SAS300 – Mobile ‘AIO’ XXmph

SAS300 – Mobile ‘AIO’ XXmph

SAS300 – Mobile ‘AIO’ XXmph with Slow Down

SAS300 – Mobile ‘AIO’ XXmph

SAS450 – Mobile ‘AIO’ XXmph

Our bespoke team is also on hand to provide solutions for any other sign requirements you may have. Please see Innovation Service page for more details.




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