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Sentient allows customers to control the functionality of units and monitor their performance remotely
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Sentient intelligent monitoring system

Sentient is an intelligent monitoring system that enables users to  monitor and control Solagen products.

Its bespoke technology and quality design permit quick and easy access to product information and reports allowing users to update information and settings remotely.



The Sentient package

Available as an optional extra on a range of Solagen products, Sentient allows customers to control the functionality and monitor the signs performance remotely. Its online programming feature allows the products to be programmed without a site visit.

About login and website

Sentient training is available upon request to explain and demonstrate the systems features.

Control & Programming

Sentient allows the user to control the following aspects of the product, please note, some of these options will depend on the product.


  • Online calendar programming – set days and times when products will activate
  • Monitor sign activation counts
  • Control speed threshold for sign
  • Control radar detection distance
  • Performance Monitoring

Solagen will constantly monitor all systems connected to Sentient for operational and performance defects. If Sentient reports any failure, then an engineer can be dispatched to carry out repairs.

Monitored criteria:

  • Battery performance
  • Radar Performance
  • Sign activation and status
  • Control electronics
  • Solar Panel performance


Data Capture and Retrieval

Sentient equipped SAS signs will automatically record traffic flow and vehicle speed with stamped time and date; this information will be stored and available to clients via Solagen’s website.

Customers have the flexibility to retrieve specific daily, weekly and monthly data; and the ability to customise and manipulate the data for optimum presentation.


Sentient Options

Sentient with Solagen Signs

Available as an optional extra on a range of products, Sentient allows customers to control the functionality of units and monitor their performance remotely.

Sentient SOLO

Sentient SOLO is a solar-powered vehicle detection and monitoring product that utilises radar to detect vehicles travelling over 16mph.

Sentient SOLO employs Solagen’s Sentient monitoring system to provide 24-hour traffic data direct to the user’s desktop computer, allowing the customer to understand the vitality and dynamics of the road, whilst providing data to help promote safer road use.

Sentient SOLO empowers customer with the ability to:

  • Be proactive targeting measures against anti-social or illegal speeds on a road
  • Strategically plan with a detailed knowledge of traffic flow through the year
  • Provide data for road safety investigations
  • Monitor targets

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