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Solagen’s Privacy policy


Personal data which Solagen uses

Information to identify and contact customers and potential customers:

  • Names of individuals
  • Organisation addresses for place of work
  • Contact telephone numbers for work related communications
  • Contact email addresses for work related communications, which may include details of the individual such as their name and place of work
  • Title or description of the post held at the place of work

Additional information relating to individuals which may be filed or used by Solagen:

  • Notes relating to meetings conducted for the purposes of business between Solagen and the individual, which may contain names and other limited personal information.
  • Communications and additional notes on communication made between Solagen and the individual for the purposes of business, which may contain names and other limited personal information.

If you believe that any information which Solagen is holding on you is incorrect, please contact us, and we will correct this as soon as possible. A request for a change may be made to Solagen via email to enquiry@solagen.com, or telephone on 01454 318260.


How Solagen obtains personal data

Solagen will generally obtain contact details for an individual through official websites for the organisation which they represent, or by request for contact information made to that organisation by Solagen. Details may also be provided as part of an enquiry made to Solagen, or order placed with Solagen, by an individual.


How Solagen uses personal data

Solagen store contact information for the purpose of communication, fulfilling contractual obligations, and for any other legal obligations where Solagen has a duty to hold this information.

Some communications from Solagen are for marketing purposes, such as providing details of new products and seasonal offers. Solagen will be using an opt in policy for this type of communication from 25th May 2018 in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Opting in or out of marketing communications

Solagen will send a request for consent to provide marketing emails to any individual. If a conformation is not received, then no further marketing correspondence will be sent. In this instance, Solagen will continue to correspond regarding orders and enquiries and as part of services such as Sentient.

Individuals may request to be added or removed from the list at any time by contacting Solagen, or simply by replying to any marketing email with expressing a wish to be removed (e.g. by sending a reply with ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject field of the email). A request may be made to Solagen via email to enquiry@solagen.com, or telephone on 01454 318260.

Records will be updated within one month of receiving updated details or instruction from an individual.


Requesting personal data

Any individual whose data is stored by Solagen has the right to know what information is stored, and how it is being used. On receiving a request, Solagen will provide the individual with an email containing the following within one month:

  • An overview of the information stored pertaining to that individual
  • A copy of the information stored pertaining to that individual
  • A description of how the data is used, and how it was obtained (which is covered in this policy)

A request may be made to Solagen via email to enquiry@solagen.com, or telephone on 01454 318260.


Removal of personal data

Any individual has the right to have digital and hard copy data pertaining to them removed from Solagen’s records, so long as Solagen are able to conclude any contractual or legal obligations without this information.

An individual may request to have their information removed from Solagen’s records, by email to enquiry@solagen.com, or telephone on 01454 318260. Solagen will confirm that this process is being undertaken and provide one final communication when this has been completed with an overview of any data which has been removed. In the event that data could not be removed at that time, a reason will be provided.

Solagen will complete the removal of personal data within one month of receiving a request.


Cookie use

Cookies are used on the website www.solagen.com and Sentient web pages sentient.solagen.com. In general, these cookies are session or short duration cookies that are required for the operation of the website.

www.solagen.com also includes cookies for Google Analytics, which provide anonymous feedback to Google. These enable Solagen to monitor how often the site is visited and which pages are of most interest. The user IP address that Google Analytics sees is modified, which significantly reduces the ability to identify the location of anyone accessing the website. For further information on this topic, please see https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2763052?hl=en


Use of Solagen applications

Solagen’s apps which are available on the Google Play store do not store, use, or transmit any personal information. These apps only access the data they generate and do not access any other data stored on the device.

These apps request permission to access location if Bluetooth is used. The apps do not make any attempt to identify location, however users should be aware that other Bluetooth devices in the vincinity may be able to detect your device when Bluetooth functions are used.



Solagen are committed to ensuring that your information is held in a secure way and has policies in place to manage how data is obtained, stored, used and destroyed.

The Solagen websites www.solagen.com and sentient.solagen.com, may contain links to other websites which Solagen does not have any control over. When using these links, please be aware that Solagen cannot be responsible for protecting the privacy of any information you share with these websites.



Your data is only used for the purposes stated in this policy and is never sold or otherwise provided to third parties for any other use, unless we are required to do so by law.

This data is stored and processed in the UK and subject to GDPR.