TCX Download

TCX Download is an on-site data capture and retrieval system exclusive to Solagen Customers
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TCX Download is exclusive to Solagen customers

In recognition of economic climate and increasing demands being placed on customer budgets, Solagen are pleased to offer a low-cost data collection and retrieval product that will deliver resource savings and enhancements for SAS products. TCX Download offers a data collection package that simply connects to any existing or new SAS product which is compatible.

TCX Download

TCX Dowload Package

TCX Download provides the customer with a compact unit designed to be easily fitted within any post, backing box or Solagen’s current mobile sign range. Each package includes one memory card.

When purchased as part of a standard SAS sign the TCX Download comes inclusive of installation.

TCX Features:

Logging traffic data

The system records the speed with a time and date stamp for oncoming vehicles detected by the radar as they pass the sign.

Download to multimedia card

The collected data is saved to a multimedia card, once this has been removed from the unit, it can be connected to any computer with a multimedia card reader.

Uploading to Sentient

The data is in a .csv format which can be viewed on Excel and other compatible applications.

Compatible with Solagen’s Sentient system: Additionally, if the data is been uploaded to Sentient, the previous three month’s worth of data may be processed into reports. Reports can be tabulated including vehicle count, speed, time of day, and 85th percentile for daily, weekly and monthly analysis.


Benefits of TCX Download:

  • Reliable data collection without dependence on network availability
  • Compatible with Solagen’s Solar powered signs
  • Capability to store data for several months
  • Simple integration with SAS units – designed to fit in standard equipment housing
  • Cost effective data management – one off cost (no subscription and no ongoing power costs)
  • Reports in Excel compatible format which can also so be viewed as a text documents or uploaded to use Solagen’s on-line tools

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